“I will give a picture like this again,” said Mithila, posting a picture on her bare chest

Banglahunt Desk: Just a few days ago, wife Rafiath Rashid Mithila has reunited with Srijit Mukherjee. She came to India with her daughter holding the hand of her husband. And since then, Mithila has been caught in a new incarnation.

A few days ago, Srijit's wife faced the wrath of netizens by posting a photo without a blouse on social media. Mithila was criticized by a section of the netizens for posting a picture of cotton on her bare chest. Of course, she is not a bride to listen to.

The actress has pulled the beard on all the trolls and criticisms with a sharp sneer. He said against the trolls, now he will be in quarantine for 14 days, so Mithila has decided to give such pictures often.

Mithila posted a black and white photo on her social media handle. After wearing a sari, without a blouse, with open hair, the actress was captured on camera. Mithila has highlighted the verses of Jibanananda Das's poem. Mithila looks extremely enchanted.

But because of this film, a section of netizens have come out against Mithila. Not only is there a lot of blasphemy and taunts of religion, but also obscene comments in this film of the actress. One even commented, has Mithila completely forgotten her own culture when she came to India? Another wrote there, just say once you have left Islam.

Of course, neither Mithila nor Srijit ever borrowed these slanting remarks and criticisms. Instead, Mithila shared a few more new pictures. The actress has captured the light and darkness in an appealing manner. Now he is at his father-in-law's house in Calcutta. Mithila is planning to start work at home.


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