I think good girls should go to bed soon! Controversy over remarks by a former Supreme Court judge

Bangla Hunt Desk: Markandeya Katju, a former Supreme Court judge, often made headlines for his controversial statements. His comments on women in particular are often controversial. A few days ago, news came out about him that he would make a statement against India on behalf of the fugitive silent Modi. And this time Katju came up with the practice with his controversial statement. This time, Katju's comment on Facebook was an inexperienced and strange statement.

Katju is constantly criticized in the context of sex. This time he was seen making several comments in the comments of a woman who commented on his post. In the comments, the matter reached such a stage that Katju once asked the woman, “Can't you sleep?” Then in another comment she said that I think good girls should go to bed soon.

Earlier, Markandeya Katzuo had a lot of discussions in 2015 with a statement. During the 2015 Delhi elections, Katju said that BJP member Shazia Ilmi is more beautiful than the party's chief ministerial candidate Kiran Bedi. In fact, at that time, Kiran Bedi was nominated as the Chief Minister by the BJP.


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