Huge spider swallows whole bird, viral is horrible video

BanglaHunt Desk, Viral Video: The current era is the era of social media. Every day something or other is going viral in the net world. Some of the posts that went viral give us joy. We are shocked to see so many viral videos. This time such a scary video is viral on social media. Seeing that, Netpara is getting excited.

We all see more or less spiders around us. These eight-legged animals nest close to humans. Insects prey on the perfect web of saliva. But not all spiders on earth are as seemingly innocent as the spiders we see around us. They are terribly terrible. One such species is the tarantula.

A viral black spider can be seen in the viral video. The body of this huge spider responds to Rome. In the video, the spider is swallowing a whole bird. The bird's head is inside his mouth. Perhaps the bird is already dead due to the terrible spider venom.

A member of the giant and terrifying Tarantula family, this spider is called Avicularia. Found in the tropics of South America, the spider preys on rats and birds instead. These spiders, which usually live in vines and shrubs, are terrifying to look at.

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