How will the corona vaccine be delivered to the people? The planning meeting was convened by Prime Minister Modi

BanglaHunt Desk: Trial of Corona vaccine volunteers has already started in India. A number of people who came forward voluntarily are cooperating with the government by carrying the corona vaccine in their own bodies. Once this test is passed, the corona vaccine will be marketed to everyone.

Prime Minister Modi held a meeting to deliver the Corona vaccine

Once the trial is over, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a meeting with the country's top officials on how to make this corona antidote in large quantities and how it can be made available to the public. Concluding a meeting with the central team of the NITI Commission on Friday, the Prime Minister said in a tweet, ‘A meeting has been held on how the corona vaccine can be distributed among all. Necessary clearances for vaccines and progress in making are also discussed.

Many more issues are discussed

He also said that there was a discussion on which class of people would be given priority in this corona vaccination and how it would be given to health workers. Increasing the number of vaccinators and technology has also been discussed.

Different countries are interested in working with India

At present, several companies are waiting to bring the corona vaccine to the market. Final stage work is going on. According to the government, five corona vaccines are currently in the advanced stages in India. Of these 5 vaccines, 4 are currently in the second / third stage and 1 is in the first / second stage. Austria and South Korea, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Qatar, Bhutan and Myanmar have also expressed interest in developing corona vaccine with India.

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