How astronauts clean their hair in space, the video is viral

viral video: People who are not interested in space may not be found ৷ We all know more or less about space. We learned from our childhood textbooks that there is no gravitational force in space. So everything floats there. But how do astronauts clean their hair in this situation? Have you ever thought about that? A video posted by NASA will answer this question.

The life of an astronaut is always interesting to people living on Earth. Many people wonder how astronauts live in space or what they eat in space, how they bathe and many more interesting questions everyone wants to know.

This video of hair washing in space was first uploaded to YouTube in 2013 by a channel called Space from the video. The video has gone viral again. The Nieberg hair wash clip using some hot water has received over 96 likes and over 2,100 comments on Reddy.

“Well now I'm interested to know how they do laundry,” wrote one user. Another person said, “More makeup / hair care tutorials in space! Should be given ”Watch the viral video

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