Horses and rhinos were born in India, scientists discovered a new chapter in history

Scientists still have differing opinions about the origin of the horse and the rhino. However, this is the first scientific discovery that says that these animals originated in India. Scientists at the Wadia Himalayan Geological Institute have come to this conclusion on the basis of research on fossils from Gujarat. The fossils are about 50 million years old. Older fossils, such as horses and rhinos, have never been found before.

The discovery of the fossil has been published in the journal Vertebrate Paleontology. Kishore Kumar, a senior scientist at the Wadia Himalayan Institute of Geology involved in the study, said the discovery of fossils began about five years ago at a lignite mine in Tadkeshwar in Gujarat's Surat district. Scientists from the United States and Belgium were also involved in the discovery.

In addition to horses and rhinos, fossils of Tarit have been found there. Scientists have found that the animals were shaped like dogs at the time. With the gradual increase, their size has now become much larger than before. Fossils of frogs, snakes, turtles and monkeys have been found in this mine before.

Scientists have studied and found that where this mine is now, there was a huge reservoir 50 million years ago. Scientists also believe that there was enough water in the reservoir. The weather was not dry either. Most of the fossils found in these mines are herbivores. Those who live close enough to clean water.