Holding mother's finger in small hand, Raj-Shubhsree's son is happy to see the sweet picture of the young man in Netpara.

BanglaHunt Desk: Actress Shubhshree Gangopadhyay has become a good mother (subhashree ganguly). The photo of boy Yuvaan has already gone viral on Netdunia. Netpara is happy to see the sweet young man. Everyone filled Raj Shubhshree with good wishes.

This time another sweet picture of the youth has gone viral. It is seen that he is holding his mother's finger in his small hand. He also looked at the camera while taking pictures. This photo has been shared on behalf of Shubhshree's fanpage.

Besides, Raj himself has shared pictures of his son in his lap. Every picture of the youth is now going viral on social media. This little one has become a star forest.

The actress introduced her son, young Chakraborty, to everyone through social media. In the first picture, there is a small young man in the nurse's lap. Baba Raj puts his hand under the boy's head. He took the picture. Shubhshree was also seen lying on the bed smiling.

The caption reads, ‘We have a son. The young man is saying hello to everyone. 'Fans and teammates have sent a message of good wishes in the comments. From Manami to Indrila, Anindita, Priyanka Sarkar all greeted Raj and Shubhshree.

A message has also been given on behalf of Raj and Shubhshree thanking everyone. Written there, thank you all for blessing the youth. We apologize for not thanking everyone separately. We are still in a daze. Parenting is a blessing that we both enjoy. Keep blessing our son. Thanks.

Incidentally, the actress gave birth to a child at a private hospital in Kolkata. At that time Raj was next to his wife. It is known that the weight of Sadyojat was 3 kg. It is learned that both Shubhshree and his well-to-do children are healthy.
Raj posted the picture with his wife Shubhshree on Saturday morning. The actress was seen in a gray long dress and black shawl. Probably a picture of the moment before going to the hospital.
A few days ago, the husband and wife went out for a walk to change the air. Raj shared that picture with Shubhshree. The actress was seen in a red tuktuk printed dress that day. Raj's niece was with him. Raj and Shubhshree were seen posing in front of the car and taking pictures.


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