History will remember Arnab Goswami as a hero: Kangana Ranaut

Actress Kangana Ranaut (kangana ranawat) once again played the role of journalist Arnab Goswami. The actress questioned whether the allegation that Mumbai police had arrested Arnab was acceptable at all. Kangana was heard saying that Arnav is the most popular journalist in the country.

In a video message, the actress slammed Uddhav and Aditya Thackeray, saying, “Many people don't even know why Arnab Goswami was sent to jail. In 2016, one person committed suicide. He wrote the names of some people in the suicide note and said that Arnab Goswami did not return his money on time so he was committing suicide. His team says he paid. ”

He added, “It is up to the court to decide whether suicide is acceptable if no one is able to pay and if it is too late to pay.” Whether it can be tried. Everyone knows why he was sent to jail today, he is being tortured. Pappu Sena is doing this to take the real name of Sonia, the name of the fascist government. ”

Kangana then shouted, “But Pappu Sena doesn't know that they made this mistake. It has proved that Arnab Goswami is the most popular journalist.” The more they oppress him, the more his popularity will increase. History will remember how Pappu Sena treated the fourth pillar of the constitution and Arnab Goswami will be remembered as a hero in history. ”

Earlier, in a video message, Uddhav Thackeray of Maharashtra fired a cannon at the government and said, “I want to ask a question to the Maharashtra government. Today he came to Arnab Goswami's house and was beaten and tortured. How many houses will be demolished, how many people will be strangled, how many voices will be silenced? Sonia Sena, how many mouths will you close? These faces will grow. ”