His nickname was given after seeing Apu's family; “He was never told,” he wrote in his memoirs

Soumitra Chattopadhyay, the banyan tree of Bengali cinema, crossed the path of eternity today. In the 71-year-old film, he was the roof over the heads of the newcomers. Swasata Chattopadhyay wrote his nickname Apu, Soumitra's Apu family.

The actor wrote in Anandabazar that he could not accept the death of 'Soumitra Jyothu'. He believed that Udayan Pandit would return. Teach the mantra of survival. In this article, he writes the secret of his nickname, ‘My nickname is‘ Apu ’, seeing his‘ Apur Sansar ’, he gave the name to my great-grandfather.’ This name was also accepted by his father, actor Shuvendu Chattopadhyay. But his regret was ‘he was never told’. At the same time, he also remembered Soumitra Chatterjee's passion for work.

He breathed his last at Bellevue Hospital at 12:15 today In Tolipara, stunned by the pain of subtraction, now there is only reminiscence.

Actor Dev brings the topic of Sanjhbati movie to his memory. “Wherever you are, be good, I will miss you very much, Grandpa,” Dev wrote. Jit, another star from Tolipara, wrote in his tweet that the death of the legend, the king of Bengali cinema has passed away. He will remain immortal in our hearts. Srijit, Mimi, Arindam Shil, Raj Chakraborty also paid their respects in the same way.

Parambrata Chatterjee, the director of Soumitra's biopic, wrote that the journalist would not want to know the response by calling the request of his friends. This loss is my own. It cannot be described in words. Another actress, Swastika Chatterjee, wrote that this year is taking everything যাচ্ছে parents, legends, childhood, nostalgia… all … ruthless years.