Himanta Bishwasharma is preparing to control private madrasas in Assam

Bengali Hunt Desk: Assam Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has decided to turn all the madrassas run by the state government into schools. “We will dissolve the state's madrasa board,” he said. And we will turn all the madrasas run by the state government into schools. ” Earlier, he had said that after the closure of government madrassas in the state, teachers would be recruited in schools according to their qualifications.

“We have no plans to close down private madrassas in the state,” he said on Saturday. However, we will bring the private madrasas under our control. He said teaching science and mathematics in private madrasas in the state should be made compulsory and the state should be associated with it. He said the private madrassas in the state would be allowed to operate only if they complied with the constitutional directives.

Earlier, Assam Education Minister Himanta Bishwasharma made a big statement on teaching Quran. He said the Quran will not be taught with government money. At the same time, he said, if the Qur'an can be taught with government money, then why not the Gita and the Bible? Himanta Bishwa Sharma said, “It is not possible for me to teach the Qur'an with government money. If we do that, then we should teach both the Bible and the Gita with government money. “We want to bring uniformity in education and stop this practice,” he said.

Earlier, Sharma highlighted the growing profit jihad in the state, saying many Muslim boys created Hindu IDs on Facebook and posted pictures on social media while standing in front of the temple. And in this way they trap Hindu girls in love and marry them. After the marriage, it is known that the Hindu girl made a big mistake without knowing it. He said it was not a marriage, it was a case of complete fraud.

He said the state government has decided to take strict action. In the next five years we will try to see that they do not touch any Hindu girl. He also promised to bring strict laws in this regard.

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