He had sexual relations with more than 200 women

BanglaHunt Desk: Director Anurag Kashyap has been in a lot of trouble since actress Payel Ghosh made allegations of sexual harassment against him. This is what is going on in Bollywood now. Kangana Ranaut also supported Pawel's allegation. However, Anurag strongly protested the allegation.

Payal said Anurag himself said he had relationships with more than 200 women. He said this with great pride. In Pawel's words, “It's not that he wanted to hide these words. He was trying to convince me. ”

Payal said that when he first went to Anurag Kashyap's house, everything seemed normal to him. They also sat together and ate food. On the second day, the director called him home and took him to another room.

The actress said, “There were a lot of video cassettes. He started behaving strangely by running a film. Feeling uncomfortable, I got up and left. Then he said everyone I had launched before was very cool. That's when he named Richa Chadda and Huma Qureshi. “

Anurag has denied all the allegations. The director said that he does not do or support any such work. He further added that he knew that this would be done to silence him.

His first wife Aarti Bajaj has spoken out in support of Anurag. He called it a “cheap stunt” and said he laughed at the allegations.

“I am the first wife,” Aarti wrote on social media. Anurag Kashyap You are a rockstar. Keep working for the empowerment of women and create a safe environment for them. I want to see our daughter in this environment. Honesty has no value in this world, no one supports those who protest. This world would be more beautiful if everyone used the amount of energy that is wasted to hate the ungodly. '

He further writes, ‘The cheapest stunt I’ve ever seen. At first I was very angry and then I laughed because there is nothing bigger than a lie. I'm sorry you have to put up with this. This is their limit. You keep your head up and keep protesting. We love you. '

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