Hardik Pandya is strangely out for hitting the style, watching the viral video is the food of laughter in the net world

Bangla Hunt Desk: Hardik Pandya This right-handed all-rounder of the Indian team is known as a big hitter. He is especially popular all over the world, especially in T20 cricket. He can play one long shot after another from the beginning. Also Hardik Pandya plays shots in different styles when he enters the crease with the bat for which he is quite popular. Hardik Pandya made a great start in the Kolkata Knight Riders vs Mumbai Indians match yesterday but suddenly got out and returned to the pavilion before anyone understood.

Hardik Pandya was out without playing a ball that went out of Andre Russell's Chris. Seeing on TV, everyone was surprised how Hardik Pandya got out? Later it was seen that he had taken a hit wicket.

On this day, when Andre Russell came to bowl, Hardik Pandya went very close to the wicket and tried to play a shot while standing there. And at that time this disaster happened. Hardik Pandya hit the wicket with a hard shot from a ball outside the crease of Andre Russell. Hardik Pandya was also smiling as he walked out of the pavilion as he realized this was the result of playing a shot in the very front set of the wicket.