Hanuman is worshiping in Bajrangbali temple! Video at the speed of a viral storm

viral video: Thousands of videos go viral every day. Just as some videos make us think, there are some videos that give us unadulterated pleasure. One such video has gone viral recently.

Hanuman is a character in Indian epics who appears in both the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Just as in Ramayana he is Rama's most loyal warrior, in Mahabharata he is Arjuna's chariot protector. He is worshiped all over India in the form of Bajrangbali. There are temples in almost all parts of the country.

Gecho Hanuman appeared in one of these temples during the worship of Bajrangbali. At first he started to be a monkey. He sat down on the priest's head. After a while, however, he calmed down a bit and listened to the mantra with one hand.

Hanuman's harassment of various temple premises in India is not new. They are notorious for robbing pilgrims of various things. However, no one can remember when his devotion was seen in Dev Dwij. Tumul viral video to be posted on social media

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