Graduating in just 14 years, he became the first Indian to be described as a 'wonder boy'.

Fourteen-year-old Agastya Jaisawal from Hyderabad has been named the youngest Indian graduate. Jaiswal graduated from Osmania University with a BA in Media and Journalism.

Earlier, he was the first boy from Telangana to pass 10th class at the age of 9 with a GPA of 7.5. At the age of 11, Agastya Jaiswal was the first son of Telangana to pass the 73% Higher Secondary Examination. Agastya Jaiswal studied at St. Mary's College, Hyderabad.

Besides studying, he is also quite proficient in sports. He is a national table tennis player Besides, in just 1.72 seconds he can type A to Z accurately on the computer. He said in the interview that he memorized 1 to 100 names. You can also write in equal rhythm with both hands. At the moment he is also working as an international standard motivational speaker.

Agyast said his parents are teachers. She wants to be a doctor. He wants to study MBBS later. His father said that every child has some or the other quality if he can run it properly. Every child can make history. On the other hand, Agastya's mother said that since childhood she used to ask various questions and they used to give real answers to Agastya.