Google, Facebook, Twitter leaving Pakistan! Strict warning to Imran Sarkar

Google, Facebook and Twitter all threatened to shut down Imran Sarkar's business in Pakistan. The three companies threatened the move, outraged by Pakistan's recent decision to censor digital content. The country is in turmoil at the moment.

According to the Pakistani government, there can be no such thing as ultimate freedom of speech in an Islamic country like Pakistan So every digital content will be censored. A private company has already been hired to carry out the surveillance.

Opposing the Pakistani government's decision, the Asia Internet Coalition (AIC) said it was concerned about the government's opaque policy. The Imran government is targeting them. Censor rules are being imposed illegally. Let me inform you that Google, Facebook and Twitter are also members of this organization. The AIC said the new rules would make it impossible for ordinary people to use the internet.

Although the Pakistani government has spoken out on the issue, various anti-Islamic, anti-Pakistan and pornographic content online has been delayed on social media. So this decision has been made. However, the AIC did not respond to a request for comment.

Earlier, the Pakistani government had banned Tiktak for spreading obscenity. Although the ban did not last long. TickTack is back with the promise to censor content. No clear, anti-Pakistan, anti-Islamic, terrorist or obscene material can be promoted.