Goddess; Shivangi is the first female pilot of Rafale to fulfill her father's elusive dream

Ever since the arrival of the Rafael aircraft from France to India, there has been a lot of speculation in the country about who will fly these modern aircraft. Shivangi Singh, daughter of Narendra Modi's parliamentary constituency in Benares, gets a chance to fly a Rafale as a female fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force

Shivangi was born and raised in Benares. After doing NCC from BHU, Shivangi has been fortunate to be the first female fighter pilot of the Indian Air Force's Raphael Squadron.

Shivangi joined the Indian Air Force in 2016 as part of the second batch of Indian female fighter pilots. He will soon join the 18th Squadron Golden Arrow of the Indian Air Force in Ambala.

Since joining the Indian Air Force, Shivangi Singh has flown like a MiG-21 bison. He has also worked with Abhinandan, one of India's best fighter pilot wing commanders.

Shivangi's father Kumareshwar Singh said in an interview that we are proud that our daughter will shine the name of the whole country along with Benares. Shivangi's mother Seema Singh is a very ordinary woman and her brother Mayank is a class XII student.

His father has a transportation business. He said – ‘The girl will fly a raffle, what a great happiness this can be for the father’. Her father's dream was for the girl to be a pilot. Shivangi has fulfilled that dream.

Needless to say, this feat of Shivangi will inspire the girls of the country. The country will move forward by becoming strong in women's power

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