‘Get the vaccine out or my youth will be over’, pleaded Malaika

BanglaHunt Desk: It was reported a few days ago that Malaika Arora has been infected with corona. After her boyfriend Arjun Kapoor, Malaika reported that Corona was positive. There is a lot of fuss about that on social media.

Malaika has very mild symptoms. So he is quarantined at home as per the doctor's advice. But in a way, the actress got breathless while being confined at home. This time he wrote on social media, “Someone get the vaccine, brother, otherwise the youth will come out.”

A few days ago, it was known that actor Arjun Kapoor has contracted the corona virus. He has no symptoms. The actor is in isolation at home. Arjun himself shared this news on social media.
Arjun wrote on his Instagram handle, ‘It is my responsibility to let everyone know that my corona has been caught. I'm asymptomatic but I'm fine. I have kept myself in isolation at home as advised by the doctors and will remain in the home quarantine. Thanks in advance to everyone for staying by my side. I will keep you informed about my health. It is a very strange and difficult time. But I believe people will win the battle with the corona virus. “

This message of Arjun Kapoor has been posted to the fans named Shubh Kamnaar Dhal. His fans are worried about the actor's health. However, Arjun said that he is fine for now and is in isolation at home. So there is no reason to worry unnecessarily.

In the middle of the year, Arjun Kapoor's girlfriend Malaika met Arora at Aurora's apartment. Malaika's 'Tuscany' apartment was sealed by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. At that time it was also known that Malaika's sister Amrita's mother-in-law was also infected with corona.

Malaika lives in a Tuscan apartment in the West Khar area of ​​Mumbai. Corona, a resident of the same apartment, was caught. The apartment was sealed after his report came positive. The surrounding area is also identified as a containment zone. Now of course everything is fine.


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