Future company opens fraud company with sister-in-law to please future bride, 10,000 victims of cheating

Bangla Hunt Desk: How much do people do to make their fianc happy, but cheating people by saying so? An example of such an incident has recently come up from Bhopal, which has shocked everyone. Only 3 people together have deceived about 10 thousand people. Bhopal's cyber crime is under investigation based on the allegations of several people who have been cheated over the past few days.

It is learned that David Kumar, Neha Bhatt, Manisha Bhatt and Kamal Kashyap were in the team of these cheaters. David Kumar's fiance is Neha Bhatt. This Neha Bhatt's sister is again Manisha Bhatt. Meanwhile, David Kumar has also done Jatov online web designing course.

The act of cheating

They have been working on this scam since August 2016. They created a fake website and offered loans to people from there. Not only that, they also gave online advertisements in Google ads. To handle all this work, two call centers were set up in Noida, UP, where about 25 to 30 girls worked. Neha Bhatt took care of all the work.

The fiance's sister was also involved

Neha Bhatt's sister Manisha Bhatt was also involved in this team. He was the head of this call center. After receiving phone calls from customers, the main cause was their debt trap. Kamal Kashyap used to provide fake bank accounts and SIM cards used for this purpose.

Thousands of rupees were taken in the name of loan

According to police sources, the fraudsters would call the call center through the call center when they would upload their information on the call websites. He used to take 30-40 rupees from the customers in the name of processing fee, security deposit, GST and one-time transaction. This team used to use one website only for 2-3 months. When people were framed, that website would shut down.

Cheated about 10 thousand people

This team of fraudsters was known to cheat around 1000 to 2000 people every day from two call centers. In this way, it has collected 10 crore rupees from about 10 thousand people. From them 6 laptops, 21 pen drives, 25 mobiles, 19 debit cards, 6 SIM cards and many other important information were found.


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