From now on the bank will reach home! Find out what benefits are available

Corona pandemic is on the rise in India at the moment. Banks have to follow social distance rules, so customers have to wait a long time to do any work at every branch of the bank.

In addition, banks are not protected by complying with social distance rules. At the same time, the news of multiple employees of the same branch of different banks being attacked has raised concerns. ATMs are not safe either. There is also a risk of infection. So this time the bank will reach the customers' homes

To solve this situation, 12 public sector banks of the country jointly launched Door Step Banking service. This facility is currently available in 100 locations. However, it is learned that there will be no money transaction at the moment.

It is learned that senior citizens, especially able-bodied and people associated with the Department of Defense, will get priority for this service. Checks, Demand Drafts, Pay Orders, New Check Book Requisition Slip, 15G Form, 15H Form, Income Tax-GST Invoice, Account Statement, Term Deposit Receipt, Acknowledgment, TDS Certificate, Form 16 Certificate can be obtained at home.

Also, State Bank of India has done a lot in the interest of the customers by bringing one benefit after another in the corona situation. This time they are going to take another big step in the interest of the customer. State Bank will deliver the money to your home.

According to SBI sources, this is not an online service. State Bank's doorstep ATM service will reach in front of your house just by calling or sending SMS from home. You can withdraw money from there. The service is already being piloted in Lucknow. SBI intends to extend it to the whole country later.


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