France cracks down on terrorism, kills five jihadists, including al-Qaeda's top commander

Bangla Hunt Desk: French infantry and air force helicopters have killed an al-Qaeda-linked jihadist commander in the African country of Mali. The French military said yesterday. Earlier, on October 30, France launched a similar operation, killing more than 50 militants.

Colonel Frederick Barbary, a spokesman for the French military, told reporters on Friday that Bah অভিয'u'llh, the army's chief of staff, had been killed in an operation carried out on Tuesday. This organization is included in the list of militant organizations banned by the United States. The group has been accused of carrying out attacks on Malian and international troops in Mali.

Barbary said surveillance drones helped French troops identify Musa's car in the Menka area of ​​eastern Mali. He said all five occupants of the car had died. Fifteen French commandos have been dispatched to the scene. The French defense minister said in a statement that Musa had trained new jihadists to join the organization.

After the uprising in Mali in 2013, the international armies of France and other countries are ready to maintain peace there. More than 5,000 French troops are stationed there, along with 13,000 from the United States. They have jointly launched a clean-up operation against the militants.