Four weeks later, Pooja took her son in her arms and filled him with caresses, viral pictures

BanglaHunt Desk: It has been four weeks since the birth of the beloved son of the actress Puja Banerjee. Although she introduced herself to the fans, the actress has not shown her face yet. Puja said that after performing some family rituals, the child's face will be shown in front of everyone.

Recently, Pooja shared two small photos on social media. As seen in the picture, she is sitting on the bed wearing a red sari. It is quite clear that he took these pictures on the day of Karwa Chauth. Puja is also seen drawing a cuddly kiss with Khude in her lap with both hands.

“We completed 4 weeks today,” he wrote in the caption. I wish you all the best for my child. My world. 'The film has surpassed 1 lakh likes. Actors and actresses, including fans and worshipers, greeted the mother and son.

Earlier, Pooja shared a picture of Kunal with Sadyojatar and wrote, ‘A caring husband and now a responsible father. You are my world. The way you take care of me I will never be able to do that. Let's build a righteous man together. Guardianship wishes. '

This Bengali actress is one of the most popular faces in Hindi series. Pooja is playing the lead role in the serial Jagajjani Maa Vaishnodevi. She has taken a short break after getting pregnant. Puja did not want to stop work at first. But he made this decision thinking that it would not be right to take any risk in this corona atmosphere.

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