Foreign exchange reserves set new record ahead of Diwali, nearly আট 8 billion a week

Bangla Hunt Desk: Foreign exchange reserves have set new records before Diwali. Foreign exchange reserves reached a new high of ৬৮ 56.49 billion in the week ended November 8. Foreign exchange reserves have increased by a bumper amount of about ৭৭ 7.6 billion in one week. This information was found in the figures released by the RBI on Friday. For the week ended October 30, the country's foreign exchange reserves increased by ৩ 163 million to ৬ 570.615 billion. That has now reached a new record.

During this period, the main reason for the increase in foreign exchange reserves is the increase in foreign exchange assets. Resources are an important part of the total foreign exchange reserves. According to the Reserve Bank, the FCA rose $ 6.403 billion to 52 522.742 billion during the period. The FCA refers to the dollar, but also includes other foreign currencies such as the euro, the pound and the yen.

According to the news agency PTI, the country's gold reserves increased by ৩ 1.326 billion to ৭ 36.57 billion in the week ended November 8. Special withdrawal rights in the country's International Monetary Fund have increased by লক্ষ 8 million to ৪ 1.447 billion. At the same time, the country's IMF reserves increased by কোটি 40 million to ৬৭৬ 4.7 billion.

The increase in foreign exchange reserves is good news for any country's economy. There are more dollars as currency. Dollars are traded with the whole world. This increase in foreign exchange reserves means that our country will now be able to import more.