For the first time, a deaf 'butterfly' flew a plane without any training. Netizens asked, 'How much money do you eat cannabis?'

BanglaHunt Desk: Seeing strange scenes in Bengali (Bengali serial) or Hindi serial (serial) is nothing new now. In order to maintain the TRP, the cows of the story are occasionally put in the trees. What happens in the serial is that the dead person comes back to life or the lost person comes back again.

But for the first time in his life, no one could have imagined that a deaf person could fly alone without any training. But that's what happened, but not in reality in the serial. Such an amazing scene has been seen in the Star Jalsa serial 'Titli'.

In fact, a new serial 'Titli' has started in Star Jalsa a few days back. He can't hear. But he is very fond of flying. In the recent promo of the serial, it is seen that a butterfly is going somewhere on a plane with her husband. For the first time in his life, he got on a plane.

Disaster at such a time. The pilot had a sudden heart attack and the plane crashed. In that dangerous situation, Titli and her husband took off their seatbelts and ran to the cockpit. Butterflies fly in the pilot's seat without any training, without any training. At the same time, as she could not hear herself, she told her husband to listen to the instructions of the control room and explain to her.

This promo of Titli published on behalf of the channel has created a storm of trolls in Netdunia. One meme after another is being made. The comment box of the video is full of ridiculous comments. The question for netizens is, how much money did the serial producers write to screen the cannabis? However, the makers of Star Jalsa or Titli have not yet commented on this issue.