Fitness is the only hope in Corona situation In the meeting of the Prime Minister, Kohli recited the mantra of keeping the countrymen fit

Bangla Hunt Desk: Corona infection is on the rise all over the world at the moment. Corona infection is on the rise in India as well as the rest of the world. The number of corona cases in India has already crossed 90 lakh. However, in the midst of all this, the amount of people recovering is giving relief. The number of daily recovery is surpassing, meaning that many people are recovering by conquering Corona.

Despite nearly six months of hard work by scientists and physicians, no corona drug or vaccine has yet been discovered. And so the World Health Organization has already said that until corona drugs or vaccines are discovered, the only way to protect against corona is to increase the body's resistance to disease. Only a fit body can protect people from corona. And so it is mandatory to eat healthy food at the right time and exercise every day according to the rules. Only if these few things are done properly will the common man be saved from the corona, the World Health Organization claims.

And that's why the government and the administration are putting more emphasis on staying fit and promoting fitness more and more. Prime Minister Narendra Modi today organized a virtual meeting on the occasion of the anniversary of the 'Fit India Movement'. India captain Virat Kohli was invited there. Virat Kohli came to the event and told how to stay fit. Joining the event, India captain Virat Kohli said exercise was the only major weapon to keep the body and mind healthy. Exercising regularly keeps the body and mind healthy and increases energy at work. At the same time, Virat Kohli explained how to control eating. Besides, Virat Kohli told Prime Minister Narendra Modi that in the coming days, India will surpass other countries in the world in terms of fitness.

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