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BanglaHunt Desk: Ma Kali lives with her fans in all walks of life. Help him. In any situation of the devotee, the mother is their helper. He is the source of all energy. Every year on the day after Bhoot Chaturdashi, in the new moon of Dipanbita, Kali Puja is performed.

Kali Thakur is a Hindu goddess. Her other name is Shyama or Adyashakti or Mother Star. In Bengali Hindu society, worship of Kali Tagore or Tara Mother is done with great pomp. Their mother is a prominent form of the Hindu goddess Kali. This is the second Mahavidya of Dasamahavidya. Mother Kali herself is a form of energy so she is called Shakti Rupini Devi.

The date of Kali Puja (kali puja) which is going to be in the month of November this year i.e. in the month of Kartik in Bengal, has been read- it starts at 2:16 pm on Saturday 14th November and lasts till 10:36 am on Sunday 15th October.

‘Ash Deep Om Kring Kallyai Namah.’ And ‘Ash Dhupah Om Kring Kallyai Namah.’– Mantra of giving lamp and incense stick of Ma Kali. One of the most important Hindu deities is Maa Kali.

There are several rules to follow during the worship of mother Kali. For example, mother Kali Jaba likes flowers very much. So it is recommended to keep jaba flower in his worship. Mother Kali is worshiped during the new moon. The mother removes all the black darkness of the mind and creates positive energy.

Among the various forms of Ma Kali, the worship of the mother form of Kali is especially popular in Bengali Hindu society. According to the Puranas and Tantra literature, various forms of Maa Kali are described. Dakshinakali, Bhadrakali, Siddhakali, Guhyakali, Shmashankali, Mahakali, Rakshakali, Krishnakali etc. are different forms of mother Kali.