Finally, the third marriage was broken! Sravanti broke down in the face of constant trolls of netizens and took a big decision

BanglaHunt Desk: Actress Srabanti Chatterjee sat on the verge of a third marriage with Roshan Singh after two consecutive marriages failed. Although the first year after marriage was spent happily in peace, the cloud of unrest is thickening in the life of the actress again.

Srabonti is being trolled and criticized for breaking up her third marriage. The comment box of the actress' social media handle is filled with only one question as soon as any photo or video is shared. At the same time, there are trolls, insults and criticism of Deda.

Sravanti made a big decision in the end after getting restless in the trolls. He drew a line in the comment section of his Instagram handle. Only a limited number of people will be able to comment on the actress's post this time. The rest are there ‘no entry’. After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput in Bollywood, many Bollywood stars walked this path after being forced into the trolls of netizens.

Of course, such trolls are not new in Sravanti's life. A few months ago, it was learned that actress Sravanti Chattopadhyay was being texted from some numbers in Bangladesh. Finally, on the advice of her husband Roshan, Sravanti took action against the senders of those obscene messages. He lodged a complaint with the Bangladesh High Commission.

Incidentally, Sravanti has removed most of his pictures from the social media handle even though he has not said a word about Roshan yet.
In addition, the actress has started a new innings by removing the clutter of personal life.

She is now not only an actress, but also an entrepreneur. Jim, a strong fitness empire, has started his own business. Earlier, Sravanti herself had told this good news to the fans. Now he is busy with his gym.

Sravanti recently shared a new picture on social media. She has captured that familiar hot avatar in a black and white short dress. Sravanti posed in front of the fitness empire with her hand biceps. He shared this picture on Insta Story.

Sravanti has recently started a new innings of her life. Opened his own gym, Fitness Empire. This is Jim or his 'second child', says Sravanti.


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