Final meeting on IPL today; Basically these ten topics will be discussed.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is all set to host the IPL in the United Arab Emirates. On the other hand, Amirshahi Cricket Board has also started preparations. Now just wait for the government's permission. It is hoped that the BCCI will get permission from the Center today. The IPL Governing Council is going to sit in a special meeting on IPL today. Let's take a look at some of the issues that will be given more importance in today's meeting.

Today we will discuss ten main important issues:
1) The IPL Governing Council has already held three meetings on the IPL. Those three
The decision of the meeting will be heard in today's meeting.

2) The BCCI has not yet received permission from the central government to host the IPL in the United Arab Emirates. And so the permission of the center will be discussed in this meeting.

3) This year's IPL is going to be 51 days or 53 days, the schedule will be discussed in detail.

4) In the Corona situation, there will be a discussion on how often Corona will be tested by the cricketers.

5) As always, the title sponsor of this year's IPL is the Chinese mobile manufacturer. On the other hand, the relationship between the Indian government and the Chinese government is deteriorating. This will also be discussed.

6) Will all the officials of IPL Governing Council who go to Amirshahi be able to travel to different parts of the country? That will also be discussed.

7) A medical team will be sent to the UAE on behalf of the BCCI.

8) So far the borders of several countries are closed. In that case, whether the cricketers of those countries can come? If they don't come, will any other cricketer be taken in their place? This will also be discussed in detail.

9) Discussions will be held with those who created biological safety belts in England with a view to the health of cricketers.

10. There will be a wide-ranging discussion in today's meeting on who will be the special envoy from India to fight corruption or will the officials of the Emirates Cricket Board be given this responsibility.



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