Feluda is gone, the shadow of mourning in the world of acting

Banglahunt Desk: Veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee (Soumitra Chatterjee) accepted the defeat. He breathed his last at Bellevue Hospital on Sunday morning. He was ill for a long time. Yesterday, Saturday, his condition became very bad. The situation is almost out of the hands of doctors. In the end he accepted the rate. He was 6 years old at the time of his death.

Soumitra Chatterjee's critical condition has been heard for the last few days. After Corona was released and left home, he fell ill again. He was admitted to the hospital again. Ever since then, good and bad news have been heard.

Soumitra has been receiving news for the last few days that he is not responding to treatment. The situation has been deteriorating rapidly since Saturday morning. Doctors said that Multi Organ Failure has become a veteran actor. His brain is almost paralyzed. However, the doctors did not give any news about the brain death yesterday.

Doctors said the last attempt was continuing. The news was given to the actor's family. For the last forty days, the veteran actor has been fighting with a strong mind. His countless fans, including doctors, prayed that Feluda of Bengal would win this battle. Come back home healthy and smiling once again. But all the prayers failed.

Incidentally, a few days ago, the fake news of the death of Soumitra Chatterjee suddenly spread. Many continue to express condolences on social media. Even pictures of him being treated at the hospital went viral. Daughter Paulmi opened her mouth. He made it clear that he would not listen to any rumors. He also requested that his privacy be respected.


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