Farewell to Bollywood forever, wife is separating from Imran Khan as she can't pay money in the family

BanglaHunt Desk: Bollywood actor Imran Khan, the brother of Aamir Khan, has finally said goodbye to his acting career after making only a few pictures. He has paid off all relations with the actor, said his close friend Akshay Oberoi about Imran.

Regarding Imran, Akshay said that they are very good friends. They have been close friends since childhood. So Akshay commented that he knows a lot about Imran's personality. Talking about why Imran suddenly took such an explosive decision, his friend leaked a lot of information.

Akshay said, Imran's dream is to become a director. From acting to directing and screenwriting, Imran has more skills, said Akshay Oberoi. Even Imran's acquaintances want Imran to direct a picture of himself.

However, Imran's wife Avantika Malik's statement is different. According to Avantika, Imran wants to quit acting and become a director. But he has not started any work yet. On the other hand, there is tension in their family as they move away from acting.

Avantika complained that after removing herself from Bollywood, their family was running on Imran's savings. But now it is not going on. It has been heard for the last few years that Imran and his wife Avantika are living separately.

Although the two have not announced their divorce now, Imran and Avantika are no longer living under the same roof. That is what was known through news media sources. This time Avantika's clear answer is that she wants to be separated from Imran with her daughter. However, the actor has not opened his mouth about this yet.