Fancy protests are going on in France, controversial cartoons of the Prophet are being shown in the streets of the city

Bangla Hunt Desk: In France, the anger of the people of the country is growing after the tragic result of a teacher in the cartoon controversy of Prophet Mohammad. In the French city of Montpellier and Toulouse, a controversial cartoon of Prophet Mohammed, made by Shirley Hebdo, is shown on a hotel wall to pay tribute to the late teacher. Not only that, a large number of police have been deployed there for security.

Carol Delga, president of the Occitan in France, announced on Wednesday that she would show the cartoon on Twitter. He said controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad would be shown to pay tribute to teacher Samuel. Earlier, on October 16, while teaching a lesson on freedom of speech in France, the teacher had to lose his life at the hands of Islamic extremists for showing a controversial cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad.

Delga supported showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammad in protest of the incident. “It will be a drastic step that will help us understand the value of our country,” he said. “Apart from this symbolic move, I would like to send a message to my colleagues that there will be no compromise on secularism, freedom of expression and freedom of conscience,” Delga said. This is the fear of our model of republic. “

Delga said he would not bow before the enemies of democracy. We will not be weak in the face of those who use religion as a weapon of war. We have to stand up to those who have political motives to destroy this republic. Cartoons of Christians and people of other faiths are also being shown in French hotels. Earlier, in 2015, there was a heated debate in France over cartoons of Shirley Hebdo. The militants then attacked Shirley Hebdo's office, killing 12 people.

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