Excluding Chinese goods, the goddess adorned herself with natural ingredients, and the artist of Kalna created an exceptional idol.

In the last few years, the market has been flooded with various products made in China. Deda was also used in Durgotsab for Chinese-made items. Durga Pujo was losing its native touch in everything from mandapas to idols.

But many have moved away from there this year. Indians have called for a boycott of Chinese goods in the wake of the China-India conflict in Ladakh. Durgapujo also had that resh. Holding the hand of the artist of Kalna, the goddess adorned herself with indigenous natural elements.

Arijit Gangopadhyay made the idol with various materials like seeds, wood powder, palm kernel, banyan tree baskets. The idol of this young man of twenty-seven years in Kalna will be worshiped in a mandapa of memory.

Abhijit has always loved to make exceptional idols. Kalna's famous Saraswati idol started with making. Then he made several idols including Kali and Durga one by one. Never blade ever or biscuit, Abhijit's idol is always a little different.

His fame has spread beyond Kalna to other cities. He has also created idols in the past by using bidi-cigarettes on the theme of awareness against smoking.

This idol is made of 25 different natural ingredients including jute, wood, seeds, snails, oysters. The 10-foot-tall idol is completely devoid of Chinese touch.

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