Excavations have uncovered a 1300-year-old Vishnu temple in Pakistan, dating back to the Hindu Shahi period

An ancient temple has been discovered during excavations in a mountainous area of ​​Pakistan. The ancient temple is believed to date back to the Hindu Shahi period.
Archaeologists from Italy and Pakistan have unearthed a 1,300-year-old Hindu temple during excavations in the northwestern Pakistani city of Swat. According to a report, archaeologists found the temple during excavations in the Barikot area of ​​West Pakistan. Experts say that the temple belongs to Lord Vishnu.

Archaeologists say the temple was probably built 1300 years ago during the Hindu Shahi period. The Hindu Shahi Empire ruled from Kabul base and Gandhara (present day Pakistan). A tent and a Watch Tower were found near the temple during the excavations. A pond has also been found. It is believed that people of the Hindu community used to bathe in this pool before entering the temple.

There are many Buddhist shrines and places of worship in Swat. According to Dr. Luca, the head of the Italian archaeologists, this is the first temple in the city of Swat during the period of Gandhara civilization. Earlier, a Buddhist statue was found in this place in Pakistan. But the combined crowd of fundamentalists and lunatics smashed the giant statue of Lord Buddha to pieces.

The clerics declared the statue of Lord Buddha to be anti-Islamic. At the same time provoked to break the statue. The district in which the Vishnu temple was found is very famous for its beauty and tourism. It is one of the top 20 tourist destinations in Pakistan.

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