‘Every day when I start saying there will be explosions’, the outspoken Sara Ali Khan!

Saif Ali Khan's daughter Sara Ali Khan is one of the star children who have made their Bollywood debut. Although he was not very popular before he started acting, his popularity started to increase as soon as he came to Bollywood.

Sara has already worked with popular and successful actors like Ranbir Singh, Varun Dhawan, Karthik Aryan. Each of his films has been quite successful at the box office. Besides acting, Saif's daughter has also won the hearts of netizens with her humble demeanor. Like watching his fan following on social media.

But according to Sara, an actress also has some social responsibilities. In her words, “It is important for an actress to maintain a balance between acting and social responsibility. However, there is no point in showing social responsibility just through pictures. ”

Sara Saf said, “If I have to give a social message, I will do a documentary. But I want to reach people through some stories. It is not my responsibility to give social messages. As much as I can give through acting through my characters. But one thing should not be forgotten. There is a big difference between my character in the film and my real life. ”

But why did Sara Ali Khan never talk about other things without acting? Now many celebrities express their views on many issues starting from politics. But Sarah was never seen doing that. In this context, he said, “If I talk like a girl, there will be an explosion every day. So I keep quiet. ”

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