Even with so much money, the body does not wear clothes like Dhaka? Ira Khan, a troll in a bold dress

Aamir Khan (daughter of Ira Khan) He has had to be a troll many times for his choice of clothes. Recently, some of Ira's pictures have gone viral for which he has been heavily criticized. Trolls have started on Netdunia with Ira's clothes.

Ira appeared at an event in Mumbai with friends. He was seen in a black cut out short dress that day. With was bold makeup. He caught an attractive look with open hair. The dress is very short and open, so the picture of Ira went viral at the moment.

The troll started as soon as the picture came out. Some say Ira made clothes with black cellotape. Again, someone said, this dress is a disgrace in the name of fashion. One commented, despite having so much money, the whole body does not get clothes like Dhaka? One person even compared Ira's clothing to a spider's web.

But this is not the first time. Ira has faced trolls many times before. Sometimes because of his fashion choice and sometimes because of bizarre photoshoots. Before setting foot in Bollywood, Ira Khan has learned how to maintain the limelight.

The fact that he is quite ‘hot’ compared to others can be understood by looking at his photoshoot. Sometimes she is posing with strange makeup and tongue bar. Netizens are sleeping in warm body postures again and again. Satyavi is responsible for understanding his mental speed.

By the way, he is going to enter the world of acting very soon. However, not on the big screen like the newcomers. His attraction is on the stage of the theater. Tao is not acting again, Aamir's daughter has said that he wants to be a director.


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