Even after getting the same number in NEET exam, Shoaib Aftab rank 1 and Akankha rank 2! Know the reason

New Delhi: Controversy has erupted over the National Testing Agency's (NTA) procedures after the results of the NEET test were announced. And the main reason for this controversy is that a student from Orissa and a student from Delhi got the same number in this exam. But the student from Orissa has been given the first place in all of India, while the student from Delhi has got the second place. NEET announced the results on Friday, with Shoaib Aftab of Orissa occupying the number one position in the whole of India, while Akankha Singh came second.

Both of them got 720 marks in NEET examination. But then Shoaib became 1st in the whole of India and Akankha came second in the whole of India. Then there is the debate on social media about why this happened. Both of them from the unprotected class have achieved equal marks in all subjects. And for this reason it is now the subject of everyone's practice.

Note that the NTA's tie-breaking policy applies here, where there are certain rules for ranking after an equal number. It was decided to rank on the basis of effectiveness and basic qualifications. According to the policy, if two candidates have equal marks, their rank in Biology and Chemistry is determined according to the policy, an NTA official said.

If this rule does not work, then the rank is determined based on who answered the question incorrectly. Since Shoaib and Akankha have the same number, they did not answer any of the questions incorrectly, or their number is less or more on any particular subject, so there is no possibility of difference in number. According to NTA rules, rank is determined as age at the end.

The older he gets, the higher his rank will be. Shoaib, 16, is older than Akankhar, which is why he was given first place. Let us inform that 15.96 lakh candidates have appeared for NEET. Of these, 6 lakh 81 thousand 500 have passed. Of the 13.6 lakh students who took the exam, 7.6 lakh were girls. NEET has been tested in 11 Indian languages ​​including English.

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