Enchanting Priyanka in a transparent white sari, a bunch of new pictures are adding warmth

It has been a while since Priyanka Sarkar entered the world of Bengali film. He was very young when he entered. Then gradually the acting skills also increased with the experience. Now she is a well-rounded actress.
Priyanka is a well known face in Tollywood. He also chooses to take pictures. He had to go through many ups and downs in his life. Divorced in marriage. Complaints have also been raised about his relationship with a dear friend. However, the actress did not pay attention to any of that.

Priyanka has been under house arrest since the beginning of the lockdown. Shooting is off, new photoshoot has been off for so long. So thinking about the fans, he was sharing the old picture anew. However, this time Priyanka has shared a new picture for the fans.

The actress has left her modern western clothes and is wearing a sari. She was captured on camera in a black tube top with a transparent white sari. Priyanka has done several photoshoots in different poses. The number of likes in the pictures has exceeded 20,000.

Priyanka recently shared an old photo of herself visiting Kerala. He posted several pictures together. He was seen in the photo wearing a light green t-shirt and jeans. He has captured different moods in the pictures. These pictures of Priyanka went viral on social media.

Priyanka has often shared photos, selfies and videos of old photoshoots on lockdown. He did not lack for the entertainment of the fans.



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