Embassy officer saves young woman's life by endangering her own life, flood of praise in viral video

viral video: Many videos go viral on social media. But sometimes a lot of videos go viral that set a precedent for humanity. That's what a British embassy official did recently to save the life of a young Chinese woman. It proved once again that humanity is still alive. Five-faced netizens praised the video for being viral.

The 24-year-old girl almost drowned. But then he came to the attention of a British embassy official. At the same time, in the face of the strong current of the river, the officer jumped and fell. Reach out to that young woman risking her life. Then he saved her life and brought her back to shore.

The incident took place in Chongqing area of ​​China. It is learned that Stephen Ellison, the Consul General of the British Embassy. He jumped into the Zhangsan river and saved the girl. It is known that the young woman came to visit there. Last Saturday, he fell into the river and fell into a strong current.

The video has gone viral since it was posted on social media. This video has already been watched by more than 6 lakh netizens. Netizens praised the British embassy official

Britain's relations with China at the diplomatic level are not very good. On the contrary, their relationship is said to be hostile. But the way he jumped for the Chinese girl who forgot all that, the British embassy official is not enough praise. Take a look at the viral video