Eat local food, eat ghee, milk, lassi after exercise; Message from Akshay Kumar

Banglahant Desk: Akshay Kumar (akshay kumar) gave the message to rely on desi food instead of artificial things. Akki advised the youth to eat local ghee and lassi made from pure cow's milk instead of taking supplements or foreign protein shakes during exercise.

Recently, in an interview with a news medium, the actor gave a special message to the youth. According to him, exercise is very important. The youth of the country should exercise regularly. However, they should not take protein shakes or supplements after exercise.

Akshay said, “Take the local food as your own. Eat more ghee, milk and lassi. These are much more beneficial. ” The actor advised to leave the foreign food and take the authentic food of the country.

Incidentally, Akki had earlier leaked a secret about his eating habits. He said in his live chat on Instagram that he regularly drinks cow urine. Akshay ate Chao made from Elephant Mall at the show with Beer Grills. Grills raised the issue and the actor told Saf that he used to drink cow urine regularly for Ayurvedic reasons. So he did not have any difficulty.

On the other hand, one controversy after another has started with Akshay's upcoming film Lakshmi Bomb. A few days ago, Kamal and Khan were vocal against this film. Lakshmi Devi has been insulted in the film Lakshmi Bomb, alleging that he called for a boycott of the film. This time the demand to boycott Akshay's picture has come up again.

Some netizens allege that Akshay's Lakshmi Bomb is promoting 'Love Jihad'. They have called for a boycott of the film with this serious allegation. On the one hand, just as the famous jewelery company Tanishq's new advertisement has started a brawl, this time Lakshmi Bombay has been accused of promoting profit jihad.

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