Dussehra on the flames of the agricultural bill! Modi's doll burnt in Punjab: viral video

viral video: The Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi (narendra modi) was burnt to death by making the festival Ravana. The viral video is believed to be from a place in Punjab. The video went viral as soon as it was released on social media.

caotured from facebook viral video

Agriculture-rich states like Punjab and Haryana have repeatedly opposed the Centre's new agriculture bill. Earlier, a video of Congress supporters setting fire to a tractor near India Gate in Delhi surfaced on social media. Six days ago, on September 20, another tractor was set on fire in Ambala, Haryana. With which the political pressure continued for some time.

In this viral video, it is seen that Khar's Ravana has been made. But the face of that Ravana has been placed on the face of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Several turbaned men set fire to the huge straw doll. Turbans were also observed on the heads of most of the people present. Although no political party flag was seen at the event. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post

Although puppets have been burnt in various protests, it is fancy to make Ravana on the day of Dussehra. The video went viral as soon as it was posted on social media. This video has already been watched by more than 5,000 netizens.

The viral video was obtained from Facebook. Banglahunt did not verify its authenticity.

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