During the shooting of the song, the towel suddenly opened, Sonam saw Ranbir completely naked!

BanglaHunt Desk: Sonam Kapoor is one of the leading stars of Bollywood. The daughter of superhit actor Anil Kapoor has been involved in the nepotism debate since the beginning of her career. Many have doubts about his acting skills. Only Anil Kannada says that he has got a chance in Bollywood and that is what most netizens are talking about.

In recent times, the controversy over nepotism in Bollywood has resurfaced and the children of stars like Sonam have become quite confused. The actress's controversial remarks at Coffee With Karan and other events are going viral on social media.

Such an explosive comment has recently started to be practiced on Netdunia. Sonam made an explosive remark about Ranbir Kapoor. He had seen Ranbir completely naked. Sonam made such a comment.

Sonam has appeared in Karan Johar's talk show Coffee With Karan more than once. Every time there is a storm of controversy over one of his comments. But for the first time, he made such blatant remarks that he never did again. No star was left out of his condemnation.

Sonam made her Bollywood debut opposite Ranbir Kapoor. They were seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Saawariya. Talking about the first picture, Karan asks Sonam if Ranbir thinks she is sexy. In reply, the actress said, absolutely not.

Sonam said that she even saw Ranbir completely naked in the photo set. In fact, in the movie Saawariya, Ranbir was seen dancing to the song 'Job Se Tere Nayana' wrapped only in a towel. While shooting the song, the actor's towel suddenly fell off. Everyone on the set saw him naked.

But Sonam looked away. His Ranbir did not look sexy at all. Not only that, Sonam also commented that even though Ranbir was given good marks as a friend, Ranbir was not as good as a boyfriend.


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