Disha Salian was raped before her death! Eyewitness claims explosives

Banglahant Desk: The Sushant Singh Rajput case is getting more and more complicated as time goes by. A week before Sushant's death, his former manager Disha Saliyan died. He fell from a multi-storey house and died. It is learned that Disha committed suicide by jumping from the 14th floor of the residence.

Netizens claim that Sushant and Disha's death mystery is intertwined. Many have been claiming that Sushant's death was not suicide but murder. On the other hand, according to the doctors, the late actor was exhausted. Meanwhile, an eyewitness to Disha's death has leaked a shocking information.

The eyewitness claimed that Disha was raped just before her death. The man was also present at the party between 9pm and 9:30 pm. According to a statement given to a news media, the person said that the party was going on in Malad on June 6. The party went well for the first hour. Then the two entered the bedroom and closed the door.

He added, “Music was added to the party so that no one could hear it. Her future husband Rohan Roy was also with Disha in that master bedroom. After a while they come out. I was surprised to see all this. I can also tell the investigating agency what I have seen. ”

He added, “Rohan and his friend fled towards Bandra station after seeing Disha's body. Evidence of this can be found on the station's CCTV. There were various messages about Disha's death. Sushant wanted to see the end of this case. He wanted to know exactly what happened to Disha. Even after calling her friend, Sushant expressed suspicion that Disha's death was a homicide. ”

Incidentally, Sushant's last Instagram story has recently gone viral. It is learned that Sushant also consoled his family by remembering Disha for the last time through this post.

“It's very sad news,” he wrote on Insta Story. My condolences to Disha's family and friends. I wish peace to the soul of Disha. 'This story of Sushant was shared on a page on Instagram. Then it goes viral.

Along with Sushant, the CBI is also working to unravel the mystery of Disha Salian's death. The CBI is also looking into whether there is any link between the two deaths.


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