Disha also gave this special message in Sushant's last Instagram story

Banglahant Desk: In the case of Sushant Singh Rajput, the importance of drug addiction has increased more than the mystery of his death. Three well-known investigative agencies have been working day and night on the case. Although the CBI and the ED have not made any arrests so far, the Narcotics Control Bureau has arrested several people in addition to drugs. Among them is the name of Riya Chakraborty.

It was heard that besides Sushant, the CBI will also investigate the mysterious death of his former manager Disha Saliyan. Disha died a week before Sushant's death. He fell from a multi-storey house and died. It is learned that Disha committed suicide by jumping from the 14th floor of the residence.

After Sushant's death, some of his pictures and videos went viral on social media. This time the actor's last Instagram story has gone viral. It is learned that Sushant also consoled his family by remembering Disha for the last time through this post.

“It's very sad news,” he wrote on Insta Story. My condolences to Disha's family and friends. I wish peace to the soul of Disha. 'This story of Sushant was shared on a page on Instagram. Then it goes viral.

Along with Sushant, the CBI is also working to unravel the mystery of Disha Salian's death. The CBI is also looking into whether there is any link between the two deaths. Earlier, Disha's flatmate and friend Siddharth Pithani told ED in his statement that Sushant had asked him to delete all the videos from the hard drive.

He said that after Disha's death, the actor was very upset that Sushant's name was being added to his name. Disha was working as a temporary manager as his former manager was suddenly injured.

Siddharth said that two days after Riya left, on June 10, Sushant asked him to delete all his videos and songs on the hard disk. Sushant was devastated to hear his name added to Disha's death. That is what Siddhartha said.

He added that Sushant's health has also deteriorated since Riya left. Actor's sister Mitu was with him from June 8 to 12. Then he left too. In an old interview, Siddharth said that Sushant cried a lot when he heard the news of Disha's death. He even fainted. The actor's sister was with him at that time. Siddhartha said that he took care of Sushant.


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