Delhi's 62-year-old 'grandmother' on Times' most influential list

The Times lists a 72-year-old woman who joined the anti-CAA movement in Delhi as the most influential person. Bilkis, 62, who has been carrying on the movement with a shawl in the dead of winter in Delhi, always has a friendly smile on her face. It was because of this amiable smile and invincible attitude that she became the poster girl of the anti-NRC movement at that time – 'Grandmother of Shahinbagh'. Let's not know why the Times gave him a place in this movie.

Bilkis in the anti-CAA movement

Journalist and writer Rana Ayub, a key member of Time Magazine, said in an interview: ”

At the age of 62 he became the face of the movement

“We're getting older and we're not doing it for ourselves… it's for our kids,” Bilkis said unequivocally in an interview. Why would we spend our days and nights in the open during the coldest winter of our lives? ”

On January 26, 2020, Shahin hoisted the national flag at Bagh with the mothers of Bilkis, Rohit Vemula and Junaid Khan. Hundreds of people turned up that day to celebrate Republic Day. It was during this time that she became known as the grandmother of Shahinbagh in works of art like songs, poems, graffiti.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on March 24, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.