Deepika is taking Rs 15 crore, John is taking Rs 20 crore, Shah Rukh's salary in 'Pathan' will make your eyes water!

BanglaHunt Desk: To come back on the big screen after two long years Running Shahrukh Khan (shahrukh khan). And this time, it is also known that the king is going to make a big comeback. After 'Zero', Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan will share the screen together again. This is what is being heard in the news media.

It has been heard for some time now that Shah Rukh is going to make his first film under the banner of Yashraj Films. Siddharth Anand, known as 'War', will be in charge of directing the film. It is learned that this film is one of the films to be screened on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Yashraj Films.

However, the name of the film has not been decided yet. According to sources, the name of the film has been suggested as 'Pathan' on behalf of Shah Rukh. However, Yashraj's research team will tell whether this name will be used in the film. According to media reports, Salman can be seen in a special role in this film.

Earlier, Shah Rukh Khan starred in Kuch Kuch Hota Haya, Om Shanti Om in which he played the role of a cameo. He was last seen in Zero. King Khan, on the other hand, was seen as a cameo in Salman's Tubelight, Har Dil Jo Pair Karega.

It is learned that Deepika Padukone may be seen opposite Shah Rukh Khan in 'Pathan'. The character of the villain also has surprises. John Abraham can be seen in this role. However, the filmmakers have not yet officially announced anything about this.

It is also learned that Deepika is taking a salary of Rs 15 crore for this film. There is no one behind. His claim is 20 crores. On the other hand, according to recent media sources, 45 percent of the profits of the news film are going to go to Shah Rukh's pocket.

It is also heard that Shah Rukh is going to act in a commercial film of southern director Atali. However, the most interesting thing is that King Khan is going to be seen in a dual incarnation in this film. Shah Rukh will play the dual role of father and son. As it turns out, this is going to be an action based picture.

According to sources, the actor will be seen in one of the roles as an investigating officer of a reputed agency. In another character, he will play the role of a notorious criminal. It is learned that the director is currently working on a screenplay with Karan Johar's team of writers. He will co-produce this film with Shah Rukh.