Cut off hands, threat of suicide! Tolpar Netpara in protest of the closure of Star Jalsa's 'Here the sky is blue'

BanglaHunt Desk: Star Jalsha's popular Bengali serial 'Ekhane Akash Neel' is about to close. And the social media is practically fighting in his protest. Favorite couple Ujan and Hiya alias ‘Hian’ will no longer be seen on the TV screen, this is something that the viewers of Akash Nil cannot accept here.

The sky is blue here for a long time like the other mega serials. A few days ago, two and a half hundred episodes of this series were celebrated with pomp and circumstance. The competition also started with Super Duper pair Hian. But after that such bad news.

Another character of the series 'Jhinuk' i.e. Pramita Chakraborty has got all the anger of the viewers. In fact, the serial makers were forced to remove this character due to the constant pressure of the viewers. This time their complaint is that the producers are shutting down the serial forever to take that revenge.

Thousands of comments are constantly being read on the Facebook page of Star Jalsa demanding to keep the serial running. Not only that, the insanity surrounding this serial has reached such an extreme level that many people are cutting their hands in the exhaustion of the serial's closure, threatening to commit suicide.

With the challenge of the viewers, the producers are shutting down the whole serial as the oyster character has to be removed. No one else will watch Promita's unruly serial. He will be boycotted. The actress had faced such an attack before. He said that he would take legal action then but now he has locked his mouth.

Hiya, that is, Anamika, said that even though there was no response from the upstream about the pair that had so many incidents, it is necessary for all the series to end at a certain time, otherwise it becomes monotonous. This serial is ending on time. However, the decision to stop the serial hastily due to the anger of the viewers? Anamika replied that the channel authorities can say that.

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