Cucumbers are broken and people are exercising! Bidyut Jamal shared a viral video of laughter

viral video: We all know popular Bollywood actor Bidyut Jamal (vidhyut jammal) in the commando movie Daulat. This actor is very popular in Netpara for his physical constitution and fitness. A large section of the youth is a fan of this actor. Recently, he shared a video on social media which made Netpara laugh.

A lean man is seen in the viral video. He is so thin that every bone in his body can be counted. He is training with this look. However, keeping his physical strength in mind, he is breaking cucumbers instead of brick or cement slabs. Seeing that, Netpara laughed and killed.

It is also seen in many movies to drive with the hands to increase physical fitness. Instead of a real car, this man carried a toy car in his hand. He was also seen lifting a half-filled water bottle as a weight.

The video went viral on Netdunia after the video was posted from the popular actor's verified Twitter account. Netizens laughed and were killed when they saw the achievements of this skeletal man

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