Covid Positive Popular YouTuber Bhuban Bam

Popular youtube bhuvan bam is infected with corona. He had been ill for some time. After testing the corona, the report came back positive. He told this news on social media himself. He also told the fans to beware of this virus.

Bhuvan posted two stories on his Instagram handle that day. There, he said, his body had been sick for the past few days. Corona test report is positive. “Don't take this virus lightly,” he wrote. Wear a mask, continue to sanitize and maintain social distance. If all goes well, we will meet here. '

After this message from Bhuvan Bam, his innumerable fans started thinking. He has quite a reputation as a YouTuber. The news of Bhuvid's covid being positive made his forehead twist. Now their prayers are for a speedy recovery and return to their former mood.

Incidentally, the name Bhuvan Bam is very familiar to Jane Y. He runs a YouTube channel called BB Ki Vines. By making funny videos, YouTube has gained a lot of popularity on various social media platforms as well. His popularity is increasing day by day. In the meantime, Bhuvan has more than 19 million followers on YouTube.

Bhuvan Bam first started his career as a restaurant singer. Then he started making videos on YouTube. Gradually the popularity continues to grow. The content of his simple but funny video has brought him so much popularity. Bhuvan has worked for 30 brands. He has even reached out to Bollywood. Karan has also shared the screen with Johar. In his words, he wants to be Dharma Productions of YouTube.

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