Corona was released and Deepak Chahar started practicing with the team

Bangla Hunt Desk: Chennai Super Kings flew to Dubai as fast as other teams to play in the IPL. But after reaching Dubai, one push after another started coming to the Chennai camp. A few weeks before the start of the IPL, a total of 13 members of the Chennai Super Kings, including two cricketers, were attacked by Corona. That is why CSK could not start the practice even though other teams started practicing. CSK had to start practicing several days after the other franchises.

However, before the start of the IPL, there was relief in the Chennai camp. It is learned that CSK team pacer Deepak Chahar Corona has been released and joined the practice. Two days ago, CSK team management tweeted the news of Deepak Chahar's release from Corona. This time it was learned that he has fully recovered and joined the team with the event. The Indian pacer could even be seen playing against Mumbai Indians in the opening match of the IPL on September 19.

The Chennai Super Kings authorities organized a six-day warm-up camp at the Chipke Stadium in Chennai before flying to Dubai to play in the IPL. Then they flew to Dubai. After going to Dubai, everyone was in quarantine for the first six days. After the corona test, Deepak Chahar's corona was found to be positive. Then after 14 days in quarantine, if the corona is tested twice, the result of that test is negative. Deepak Chahar was then declared free from corona.


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