Corona drugs were thrown into the river, killing countless fish; The whole incident caused a stir in the area

We all know that if the level of chemicals in the river water increases, the death of fish is certain. These chemicals include medical waste. Countless fish have died in the Neeru River in Jammu and Kashmir due to drugs dumped in the river this time. As a result, the economy of the area is in crisis starting from drinking water

Many people in this area depend on the fish of this river. This death has caused them a lot of financial loss. Locals saw dead fish floating in the Neeru river in Bhaderwah area of ​​Doda district. They said hundreds of fish died near the Gupta Ganga Temple, Parnala and Atal-Garh areas and floated on the river bank. Complaints of Corona patients were dumped in this river.

In an interview to PTI, Bhadrawah Additional District Magistrate Rakesh Kumar said, “We have taken this matter seriously and a fact-finding team has been formed to investigate the incident and strict action will be taken against those found guilty.”

Hospital authorities, however, said that expired drugs were not dumped anywhere but were properly disposed of every month in the presence of senior officials. However, locals claim that they have seen hundreds of strips of different drugs floating in different places. Their claim is that drugs such as hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, betamethasone, paracetamol used in the treatment of corona patients have been found floating in river water.

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