Continuous interrogation of NCB, finally talent manager Jaya leaked big information about Sushant!

Banglahant Desk: Sushant Singh Rajput (sushant singh rajput) case, new explosive information has started to come out again. For the past two days, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has been interrogating Sushant's talent manager Jaya Saha. The name of KWAN agency came up with drugs through interrogation.

Jaya has been working with Sushant since 2016. Jaya is even one of the 10 partners of KWAN Agency. He has 2 percent share. While working with Sushant, he gave several pictures to the actor.

Jaya gave several projects to Sushant
According to sources, Jaya gave endorsement of 21 brands to Sushant between 2016 and 2019. He also got several pictures and events. Sushant got a salary of Tk 2.25 crore for the drive film. Besides, Kedarnath, Sonchiria and Chichhore films were also won by the actor.

It is learned that Sushant received a salary of Tk 5 crore for scattering, Rs 5 crore for Son Chiria and Tk 3.5 crore for Dil Bechara. He got Rs 6 crore for Kedarnath. Jaya also said to give another picture.

In her statement, Jaya said that she would give a picture of Kumar Mangat to Sushant. Sushant wants 12 crore salary for this film. He liked the story of the film very much. Everything went well. But he was given Rs 6 crore when he signed the film. After that the actor bent down.

Jaya said she spoke to him on June 5 before Sushant's death. He had earlier met the actor in March. At that time, Jaya noticed an abnormality in him. In his words, “He was getting up and walking in the middle of talking to me. Suddenly he was leaving his house and coming back. He did so several times. He once told me about his depression. But then I didn't really understand. “

Jaya also worked with Disha Salian. The two worked together from March to May. Jaya said that she worked with the direction of KWAN.

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